Experience of use VaricoSocks

Review on socks from Elizabeth's varicose veins from the city of Krakow

The experience of using knitted socks VaricoSocks by Elizaveta from Krakow

Hello. My name is Elizabeth, I am 45 years old. I decided to share with you my experience of using socks against varicose veins VaricoSocks. It's good that one of my friends knew about them. She said that she was able to get rid of the mesh and heaviness. After giving birth, I started having problems with my veins. Legs began to swell in the evening, pain appeared in the calf area. Convulsions appeared at night. But, fortunately, these socks were able to put my legs in full order. Now I can wear my usual shoes, my legs do not swell. And the appearance is pleasing, there are no blue veins. I will tell you about my experience of using VaricoSocks. I will also tell you about my personal impressions after using this series.

How to use

I want to say right off the bat that using compression socks is easy. Before using, I carefully read the instructions. At first I wore them both day and night, becausemy legs throbbed violently and ached. Then I switched to daytime use only. Most importantly, you need to wear underwear every day. If there are gaps, the result will not appear soon.

First week of application

Photo of knitted socks, experience of using VaricoSocks

In the first week of using VaricoSocks, I managed to feel a little relief. Although in the early days it seemed to me that they did not work at all. But, my opinion was wrong. On the 4th day, the puffiness began to subside.

Second week of application

I want to say that I wore socks regularly, there were no problems at 2 weeks of use either. The intensity of the pain became less, although before that I could not even sleep normally. After all, the legs buzzed all the time before the treatment.

Third week of application

The third week made me especially happy. Socks against varicose veins continue to delight. The swelling subsided, the veins became less noticeable. And I was able to fit into my favorite shoes. Due to edema after childbirth, I could not put on them for a long time.

Month after application

A month of regular wearing of Varico Socks against varicose veins has passed. Friends noticed that my legs began to look better, the veins were no longer so conspicuous. Socks against varicose veins are a godsend for those who suffer from varicose veins. Of all the remedies and preparations, these socks turned out to be the most effective. Moreover, they have no contraindications.